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Why Every Bed And Breakfast Should Have a Water Softener

When you have a bed and breakfast, you have to cater for people from all over.  Tons of different people will be using your bed and breakfast and each of them has different tastes, likes, desires and personalities.  The only way to cater for each like and dislike is to invest in top quality items that the majority people will love.  It is also extremely important to put your best foot forward every single time your guests visit you so you can ensure that they keep coming back for more of your wonderful food and services.  A great way to improve your overall service delivery and to win favor in the eyes of everyone who is heading your way is to invest in a water softener.


Signs that your water might be hard

Hard water firstly isn’t very tasty and your hair always feels icky when after a wash.  Your guests will love it if they can feel fresh and healthy after spending the night at your bed and breakfast.  Here are just a few signs that your water might be hard.

Spots on dishes – Your glassware is never going to come out clean even when you use a dishwasher.

Health problems – Employees, owners or management suffer from skin and hair problems such as hair loss as a result of using hard water permanently.

Soap scum – Soap scum marks appear in all showers and sinks due to a reaction between soap and water

Plumbing issues – Your plumbing is constantly clogging up due to lime-scale and matter.

Appliances fail – Water heating appliances are constantly failing because of the matter build up.

Damage to clothing – A greyish tinge appears on all of your clothing and it is hard to get whites to stay white.


How a water softener can benefit your bed and breakfast

When you have water softening all of your dishes will be splendidly sparkly, your tubs and sinks will be buildup free and your guests clothing will be sparkly and fresh if you offer to clean them.  Your guests will also love how the water tastes and feels when they take a shower and your bed and breakfast will save a lot of money on appliances because there is no need to replace kettles or washing machines as often.

Choose the best water softener for your unique needs 

85% of people have hard water which has led to a great variety of water softeners to choose from. The best way to get the best possible water softener for your bed and breakfast is to check out some water softener reviews and ratings so you can find the most suitable water softener for your bed and breakfast.  The water softeners vary in shape, size, capacity and price all of which needs to be considered so you can be sure that all of your guests will be accommodated as best as possible.  With a water softener you are not just buying clean water, you are also buying health and a lessened work load because you no longer have to spend hours on scrubbing tubs.